Pol. Mutilva Baja / Mutilva Baja - Navarre - Spain
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The contents of this web page have been created upon the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0" (WCAG).These guidelines are the basis of web development which purpose is to bring access to the web to the biggest number of users. This is a summary:
Keyboard shortcuts: Its mission is to facilitate access to the different web sections through a simple letter combination. These shortcuts are marked in the different links with one of their underlined letters, which will be part of the already mentioned letter combination.
Example: Menu word: "contact", C will be used in the keyboard shortcut . Other examples
Explorer Windows: Alt+letter+enter Macintosh: Control+letter+enter
Mozilla Firefox Windows: Alt+capi+letter Macintosh: Contrl+letra
Opera Windows: Mays+esc+letter Macintosh: Capi+esc+letter
Safari Macintosh: Control+esc+letter
Design: The design, which is supported by conventional browsers, has been made meeting the following standards required by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). CSS have been used to facilitate user browsing separating the information from graphic design, in order for the user to disable the functions of style sheets, achieving more fluency and speed
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Accessibility: We have followed double A - AA- type guidelines and have been reviewed with different tools such as TAW
Images: Several alternative versions have been included as a text for all graphics
Texts: Fonts used in the web site have relative dimensions, which means the user can control their size from the browser he's using